Keith Larkin

  • Owner
  • Rear end Specialist
  • Driveshaft Specialist
  • Over 20 years of experience

Mary Larkin

  • Marketing
  • Book Keeper

Anthony Larkin

  • Web Designer
  • Marketing
  • Apprentice

About us

Established in 1983 we have worked hard to maintain our excellent reputation as one of the best drivetrain shops in the area. We specialize in driveshaft’s, front ends, and rear ends. Give us just one day on most jobs and we will have you back on the road again!

All types of Shafts

We can do driveshaft’s for almost anything you have!

  • Industrial 
  • Heavy Duty 
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive

Nothings Impossible

Give us a job and we promise we will get it done right the first time or we will make it right. We often times get shafts that have been worked on by other companies and customers bring it to us after and say I wish I would of come here first. The job that we do is unmatched because we care about doing it right the first time with no shortcuts. We will make sure that you are taken care. When we hear of people coming from hours away just tp use our services we know we are doing something right. We are a very reputable company and try to achieve excellence.


At Driveshaft’s Unlimited we understand everyone needs their vehicles back as soon as possible when a part breaks. We provide on most jobs next day services to get you back to your life without worry.

Services we Provide

Rear-End Differential’s

The rear end plays a crucial role in your car moving. The engines power gets distributed thru the wheels of your car especially while turning thru your differential. Gears in the rear end of your car often wear down as the car starts to get older. When the time comes to replace them we can change your gears to the same ones you had before or we can upgrade them depending on what you would like. We can do all differentials such as race cars, off road vehicles, daily drivers, lifted and lowered trucks, rock crawlers, monster trucks and anything you might have.


The name says it all its what we are best at and the jobs are never to big. If you need a shaft lengthened, shortened, new tubing, a whole new shaft we can get it done. People come from all over to use our services because we strive to be the best. We will provide a product that can’t be beat by any other driveline shop in the area. First we will assess the situation of your driveshaft and not sell you anything that you will not need. We will look over the tubing making sure there is no bends, warps, dings, or anything that would make the tubing fail. If we can use any of the parts you have already we will reuse anything possible to save you your hard earned money. After replacing any part that my need to be changed we will make sure that it is balanced correctly. The balancing part is crucial to ensure that there will be no vibrations while your driving down the road as well as making sure the parts we put in will not wear out faster due to an unbalanced shaft.


We carry most parts you will need in stock at our shop which means less time waiting. We strive to provide the best services at the fastest rate possible. We sell slip yolks, u-joints, new driveshaft’s, and end yolks. We can special order any uncommon part thru our long standing good relationships with many other driveline manufactures. We sell our parts at a competitive price and only sell the best parts that will hold up.